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Taxi Gift Card
Get Home Smart Card

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  • Great for Young Adults to give them A Smart Option to Driving Impaired or With An Impaired Driver:

    Perfect for Young Adults to have a positive option by using the Get Home Smart Card™ instead of getting in a vehicle with an impaired driver, themselves or a friend. When faced with an uncomfortable situation the Get Home Smart Card™ provides them with a Smart alternative. As all Parents of come of age 21 year old children, we fear that they will drive after drinking, by giving this great gift of a Taxi ride, we are helping them make the right decision to take a Taxi instead of driving under the influence. We are concerned Parents too at the Get Home Smart Card ™

    • A great gift for your Young Adults to keep them safe with their travels.
    • To give Young Adults a Smart way to get home safely.
    • A Smart choice to get out of an uncomfortable situation.
    • Everything is included: Taxi Fare and Gratuity.
    • Get the whole family together on your Family Share Account