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Taxi Gift Card
Get Home Smart Card

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  • Peace Of Mind That Teens Always Have A Smart Option and Safe Ride Available:

    We want teens to have a smart option available to them if they find themselves in an "uncomfortable" situation, possibly at a party where alcohol is being served or their friend is driving erratic, we want to empower them with an option to not get back in that car, or get out of the car. According to our survey of High School Juniors (ages 16 and 17), over 89% said they would NOT call their parents for a ride in any of the above situations. We see on the news over and over how teens get back in a car even if they are uncomfortable with the driver, Teens feel they have no other choice, we want to change their way of thinking and give them a way out of the situation and be able to get home to their parents safely. We are parents of Teens and this concerns us as well. This is one of the many reasons we created the Get Home Smart Card™

    • A great gift for your Teens to keep them safe.
    • Smart option for your Teens if they find themselves in an "uncomfortable situation".
    • Peace of mind that your Teens always has a Smart option and a safe ride available.
    • Convenient for Teens to keep in their wallet, purse, backpack or even in their back pocket.
    • The don't ask card, just arrive home safely and be glad your Teen made the right choice.
    • Take advantage of our Rewards Program.
    • Teens will not need cash to get home safe, everything is included: Taxi Fare and Gratuity.
    • Get the whole family together on your Family Share Account.
    • The Reward Program will put money back on your account every time your card is used!
    • Sign up for the Auto Reload Option, Don't Get Stranded Without Money on your Account!
  • Join our Bee Smart Campaign and educate yourself and your Teen about the dangers of erratic driving and teach them they have the option to take a Taxi. Get your High School Involved, click here Bee Smart Campaign