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Taxi Gift Card
Get Home Smart Card

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  • Free Membership, Free App Download, NO transaction fees

    Join our team and help us provide safe rides for Teens, College Kids, Adults, Seniors and Businesses. As a partner of the Get Home Smart Card™, together we will create a safer community by encouraging the use of Taxi Rides and by discouraging drunk driving. With our partnership, we will be able to educate against drunk driving and increase the use of Taxi services. Register your Taxi Company at the website www.gethomesmartcard.com , follow the easy registration page under " Taxi Member" . Add all your Taxi Drivers Phone Numbers and they will be connected to your Taxi company account. Down Load the FREE App to your smart phone, your version will be able to "read" the Taxi Customers version of the App on their cell phone or their printed version of the card. The Gratuity is added at the end of the Fare automatically when your App reads the consumers App, or printed Card. The Gratuity will be based on the full charge of the Fare. There is not processing fee when the App is used by your Taxi Company. The ONLY fee is the 12% discount for all Fares as a Get Home Smart Card™ Taxi Member. Through the consumer's cell phone location, the nearest Taxi Member will automatically be connected to the nearest Taxi Member who will dispatch a Taxi Ride for the consumer. If the consumer has a printed Get Home Smart Card ~ Taxi Gift Card™, they just have to call the toll free number on their printed card and will connected them to the nearest Taxi Member for a Taxi Ride. Our App will process all payments and distribution of the funds.

    • Free App Download & Membership
    • More Business for your Taxi Company and Taxi Driver
    • Gratuity Added Automatically at the end of the Fare
    • A 12% Discount is required as a Taxi Member of the Get Home Smart Card™ for each Fare
    • No Transaction Fee's
    • Be a supportive Member of the Get Home Smart Card™ and help us create together a Safer Community
    • Together we can educate against drunk driving with our partnership of encouraging the use of Taxi Rides