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Taxi Gift Card
Get Home Smart Card

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  • Independence for Seniors Who No Longer Drive:

    Many Seniors no longer drive in their golden years. The Get Home Smart Card™ restores their freedom to go to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, visit friends and more. Some Seniors do still drive for a long time, but usually in a very close proximity to their home, this card lets them travel a little farther out of their comfort zone. A lot of grown children of aging adults, many times have to take time off of their jobs to bring their aging parents to doctor appointments, the Get Home Smart Card™ gives the gift of a ride for their Senior Parents.

    Give your Senior Parent the Get Home Smart Card™ Gift Card you printed right at home to keep in their wallets as a Safety Card for a Taxi Ride

    • Transportation to get to Doctor Appointments.
    • Perfect for Seniors who no longer drive.
    • Convenient to keep in your wallet or purse.
    • Get the whole family together on your Family Share Account