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Taxi Gift Card
Get Home Smart Card

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  • A Smart Way To Get Around Campus:

    As concerned parents of College Students, we want to assure that our students travel around campus safely. The Get Home Smart Card ™ is ideal for College Students because it can only be accepted for a Taxi Ride, this will eliminate any concerns that it will be used for any other purchases. Many parents are concerned with giving their College kids a Credit Card hoping they do not use for any unauthorized uses, this eliminates that fear because the Get Home Smart Card™ can only be used for Taxi Rides!

    The Get Home Smart Card is a Reloadable Taxi Gift Card. This Gift Card can be accepted by ALL Taxi or Limousine services nationwide. When calling our number you will be connected to the nearest Taxi Service through Geo-Location from your phone. Each time you reload the Get Home Smart Card you will earn a credit on your account as part of our Rewards Program. Auto reload option is available. Also take advantage of our Lost Key Feature and Lost/ Stolen card replacement by registering your keytag..

    • A great gift for your College Students to keep them safe around their campus community.
    • College Students will not need cash to travel safely.
    • Convenient for College Students, the App is right on their phone, which they always have nearby!
    • A Smart and Safe Way to Get Around the College Campus Community.
    • College Students will not need cash to get home safe, everything is included: Taxi Fare and Gratuity.
    • Get the whole family together on your Family Share Account.
    • The Reward Program will put money back on your account every time your card is used!
    • Sign up for the Auto Reload Option, Don't Get Stranded Without Money on your Account!