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  • Bee Smart Campaign:

    The Get Home Smart Card™ has created the Bee Smart Safety Campaign to educate Teenagers that there is an option to get out of an uncomfortable situation and its ok to not get back in the car. Educate College Kids against drunk driving and taking a Taxi Ride is a safer option. We encourage Schools, Parent Organizations, Businesses, Restaurants, Bars, etc., to get involved with our Bee Smart Safety Campaign. Our mission with this campaign is to get the word out to these institutions to work together to create a Safer Community. Our Goal is to reduce drunk driving crashes through a positive alternative to driving drunk by providing a simple App/Card to provide a Taxi ride.

    • Empower Teens to say "No" and not get in a car if they are uncertain about the driver of that vehicle and get them out of an "Uncomfortable Situation"
    • To keep College Students safe around campus and campus life.
    • Eliminate peer pressure of getting in a vehicle with an impaired driver, yourself or a friend.
  • Sadly, drunk driving is a continous problem. Although with all the campaigns over the last several years the death rate and accident rate has gone down. There are still too many deaths and injuries caused by drunk driving. In all of these campaigns, they stress to "Drink Responsible" and do not drive, we want to educate the public to take a Taxi, it is convenient, easy and will save lives when they make this educated decision.

    According to the Chicago Sun Times "One-third of area traffic fatalities since 1994 are linked to drinking and driving".

    • Car Crashes are the leading cause of death for Teenager and Young Adults
    • 2010 - 436 killed in deaths that were alcohol related in Illinois
    • 2010 - 41,900 DUI Arrests in Illinois
    • 85% of all DUI arrests are first time offender

    According to Illinois Secretary of State

    • Over 89% of Juniors (ages 16 & 17) at John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois said they would "Not" call their parents if they found themselves in an Uncomortable Situation. ** This survey was conducted by the Get Home Smart Card™ in June of 2010.
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