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Taxi Gift Card
Get Home Smart Card

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  • Welcome to the Get Home Smart Card ~ Taxi Gift Card™

    The concept of the Get Home Smart Card™ was created as my son was turning 21. I was concerned about his safety and that he would not make the Smart choice of taking a Taxi home from a night out. My parents always told me to keep an emergency $20.00 for a taxi ride in my wallet, but I always seemed to spend it on something else. I was concerned my son would do the same and not keep that emergency money in his wallet. I wondered why there wasn't a Gift Card I could give him - that could be used for Taxi rides. This is where the idea of the Get Home Smart Card™ originated.

    The Get Home Smart Card™ is a unique Reloadable Taxi Gift Card that is used for Taxi rides, download the App right to your phone or print a card. One of the many reasons we designed the Get Home Smart Card™ to be reloadable, with an option for auto reload, is to ensure the card always has funds and there is always a Smart ride available. We also made sure that gratuity is included in the Taxi fare, that way your loved one does not have to pay for the ride in any way.

    All of us, being parents of teens and young adults, have developed this with a lot of passion because we really believe that this could make a big impact on the safety of our own loved ones. Through research and development, we have worked tirelessly on the concept of the Get Home Smart Card™. We have only received praise and compliments about the Get Home Smart Card™ concept and are thrilled to bring it to you!


    Get Home Smart Card ~ Taxi Gift Card™ Team