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Taxi Gift Card
Get Home Smart Card

    Give the Gift Of a Smart Ride to Your Loved Ones!
  • Download the App for Free at Play Store for Android ~ also avaliable for IPhone too! Just go to our website www.gethomesmartcard.com
    Print Your Own Card on Your Printer at Home. Easy to buy, click, print and give as a gift to provide a safe ride for your loved ones!

    Taxi Companies - Free Membership, Free App Download, NO transaction fees, Gratuity automatically added to every Fare.

  • Perfect Gift For:

    Teens - Empower Teens to get out of an "uncomfortable" situation by giving them the smart option to take a Taxi to Arrive Alive!
    College Students - A Smart way to Travel around their Campus Community!
    Young Adults - Give Young Adults a smart Option to Driving Impaired or with an Impaired Driver
    Adults - Set the Example for your Family and Friends ~ Take a Taxi on Your Night Out!
    Seniors - Independence for Seniors Who No Longer Drive ~ Go to Appointments and Grocery Shopping!
    Business - Simplifies Business Travel ~ Eliminate Taxi Receipts
    Travel - Convenient For Travel Needs On Your Vacation!

  • How The Get Home Smart Card Works
    1. Download the FREE App for Andriod or simply use our mobile website, register your information and create your account. When a Taxi Ride is needed, go to your app and push the button that says "Get A Taxi", through your cell phone location, this will automatically connect you to the nearest Taxi member who will get your information and dispatch a Taxi Ride for you. If you have a Printed Get Home Smart Card ~ Taxi Gift Card, just call the toll free number on your card and you will be connected to the nearest Taxi Member for a Taxi Ride. Our App will process payments with the Taxi Drivers Version of the App, gratuity is added at the end of each fare, no need for exchange of money.
    2. Take Advantage of our Auto Reload Program ~ Don't get stranded with no money on your account.
    3. Put your whole Family on our Family Share Account ~ Share the funds and provides smart rides.
    4. Sign up for the Rewards Program and Every time you use your Card, Earn 1% back on your account! Automatically added with each use.
    5. Become one of our partners and help us create a safer community together: Bee Smart Campaign - For High Schools and Colleges. Co-Branding - Together we can create a safer community